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Does any of this sound familiar?

I have a website for my business (or nonprofit), but it’s a few years old, and it’s hard to read on a phone.
My customers find me by word of mouth or on Yelp. My website doesn’t do that much, but I get great reviews.
My website is really out of date, but I haven’t been able to post new photos in a long time.
I know I should update my website, but I’m so busy running my business (or nonprofit) that I don’t have time to think about it.

If any of the above lines sound familiar, then as a business owner/manager or nonprofit executive, you may be missing opportunities to build a winning Web presence. Your website is a tool to expand your reach, engage with your audience, and ultimately grow your business or nonprofit. Is it time for a refresh or a redesign? Run through this list of key features and see how your current site measures up!

  • Clean, uncluttered design

  • Clear, compelling copy

  • Quick and easy navigation

  • Stunning visual presentation

  • Mobile-optimized format

  • Integration with your social media presence

  • Calls to action

How We Can Help

At Blue Lily, we’ll take the time to understand your business needs and how your current site is addressing them. Then we’ll work with you to refresh or redesign your site and develop content to more effectively connect with your audience. When the project is done, we’ll even train you to maintain your site with basic editing (or more, if you prefer), so you’ll always be in control. If you’d like to add better photography or videos, improve your social media presence, or develop an email campaign for your business or nonprofit, we can also help in these areas.

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation to review your existing Web presence and your overall marketing goals. Together we'll explore options that fit your needs, your budget, and your timeline.

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