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A winning web presence

Blue Lily Creative Communications was founded on the principle that web design should be affordable and accessible to individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits. If you're in the market for a first-time website, a redesigned or refreshed website, or ongoing site maintenance, you'll find our product, our prices, and our process refreshing.

Priced too high, too low, or just right?*

If you’re in the market, consider this:

  • High-priced design firms won’t necessarily give you a more effective website. Why not? Users who visit your site are most interested in easily locating information they need about your product or service. They want clear and intuitive navigation and accurate, up-to-date content. A more expensive site may boast the latest flashy features, but savvy users will likely not buy into it.

  • On the other hand, a rock-bottom-priced website may be quickly launched without being well thought through. A person you hire at the lowest price may not take the time to understand your business and marketing needs and the best way to present content to your audience.

At Blue Lily, we believe a website of about 5 pages is often sufficient to "tell and sell" your product or service — minus the expensive hype and flash of high-end design firms, or the risk of errors and poor quality from low-priced developers.

Our goal is to make your website look fantastic — with content that’s as effective and impressive as the design.

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BEST BANNER-2500.jpg

*And we won’t even mention our least favorite type of website. (Oh all right, we’ll mention it.) We’re referring to the DIY website builder that costs next to nothing but requires you to have annoying ads on your website FOREVER. You may be saving a little money, but stop kidding yourself — this type of website is not professional. Your potential customers will notice and will not be impressed. The same thing holds true when your website Calendar or Events page contains most recent events from 2, 3, 4, years ago or more.

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