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A winning web presence

A website should be affordable and accessible to any small business or nonprofit. If you’re just starting out with a website — or if your current site needs a refresh or a redesign — realize that more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Blue Lily is neither a high-end firm with high-priced features nor a mill that turns out bargain-priced work in a couple of days. We never try to sell features you may not want or need. We take the time to understand your business, your clients, and your marketing requirements. We encourage ongoing collaboration to ensure the design and content exceed your expectations.

Blue Lily can build you an attractive, well-designed, mobile-optimized web site without breaking your budget. Even better, we’ll train you to make minor edits (or major edits, if you wish to learn) — so you or your staff can handle the site maintenance independently. Of course, if you’d like help with ongoing site maintenance, we’re happy to provide it. Our goal is to make your website look fantastic — with content that’s as effective and impressive as the design.

the Ultimate Purpose of Your Site

Start by asking, What are my site visitors most interested in knowing about my product or service? What do they need to get from my website, or do on my website? Once you can clearly state the functions your website should perform and the information it should deliver, it’s easier to outline the structure and plan the content.

  • Most customers who go online to research and find a product or service are interested in easily locating information about your business — such as description, location, process, cost, and background information about who they are dealing with.

  • They want clear and intuitive navigation and up-to-date content, including contact information, and possibly an online store.

  • They may also look for examples of your product or service, testimonials, reviews, and links to social media.

We are experienced at writing and editing content for the web. After helping you clarify what your customers want and need from your website, we’ll develop content in each of the above areas. Often, customers say that being able to quickly and easily locate needed information on a site is more important than seeing the latest cutting-edge features. We believe a clear, uncluttered design paired with simple, effective, jargon-free content are the formula for a winning web presence!

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BEST BANNER-2500.jpg